Hello and welcome to Ontoweave, my personal blog about knowledge modelling and applied ontology. On this website you will find free resources to download, useful articles, instructional materials, and many more…Tish Chungoora
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Latest Information & Knowledge Modelling Courses

Business Analysis: Function Modelling Using IDEF0

Online course on IDEF0 information modelling standard applied to business analysis, systems engineering and more.

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Ontologies for Business Analysis

Online applied ontology course introducing knowledge-based methods for transforming the business into the intelligent enterprise.

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Practical Knowledge Modelling

Online course on graphical and formal computer-aided methods to capture and share knowledge more efficiently.

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Latest Models
  • TOGAF Architecture Development Method
  • Life Cycle Assessment Methodology
  • Assembly Planning Strategy

Unsure what an ontology is? In a nutshell…

An ontology is a conceptual blueprint (in diagram or coded form) for describing the structure of knowledge. It is a bit like a mind map of some subject matter, but with added structure and meaning. Ontologies are applied across a number of fields such as knowledge management, information extraction and search, knowledge-based applications, enterprise architecture, and many more.