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OWL formalization of the Zachman Framework

'The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture' (a.k.a. 'The Enterprise Ontology') defines an arrangement of concepts for describing an enterprise. The framework is, for example, used as reference in business analysis practices to capture the various perspectives required for enterprise modelling. Although known as 'The Enterprise Ontology', some people argue that the Zachman Framework is not an ontology as such. We’re not going to get into this debate here and prefer to look at it as being a 'lightweight' ontology, i.e., a ... Read more

A starter ontology for Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping is a lean management technique typically used in manufacturing business process re-engineering, but is equally suited for other kinds of business process improvement initiatives. The approach is deployed for assessing the current states of processes and practices and proposing improved future states. The following steps are generally tackled in order to successfully complete the approach: A suitable product family candidate is identified by analysing product quantities and routings. The takt time is calculated and a current ... Read more

Ten things to watch out for in ontology papers

Introduction A quick search in your favourite search engine is likely to reveal the extent of journal articles, conference papers and whitepapers that talk about the application of knowledge engineering and ontologies across various fields of study. In this post we’ll talk about 10 important points to watch out for in papers that deal with applied ontology principles. Referring to these points can prove handy when writing an ontology paper or when making a triage of several papers, for instance, to ... Read more