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Who Am I
Think semantics
Weave smarter solutions
I’m a seasoned technology professional with a wealth of experience in applied ontology, business analysis, information management and more. Ontoweave is my personal initiative for promoting the field of applied ontology and “ontological thinking” in every possible way. It’s about developing knowledge models, capturing best practice, publishing instructional materials, and many more.Tish Chungoora
What I Do
Innovative approach
Knowledge capture and representation
To construct my knowledge models, I gather requirements, develop, publish and share these models on this website. One thing that I strive for is the provision of carefully worked, reusable, extensible and accurately developed ontologies.
Development Methodology
Comprehensive and robust
In a nutshell, I apply a robust ontology development methodology that involves meticulous information collection and analysis, iterative ontology development and refinement, which finally leads to ontology deployment in the expressive Web Ontology Language (OWL) format for optimal representation of semantics, whilst ensuring portability and reusability. Additionally, I sometimes also develop ontologies through visual representation.

Ontoweave Ontology Development Methodology

Ontology Editing
State-of-the-art ontology editing tool
My coded ontologies are built using the Protégé ontology editing environment and formalized in the Web Ontology Language (OWL) format. Protégé is a powerful tool that is backed by an active community of experts and users.

Protégé ontology editing environment