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If you are looking for learning new skills to help you capture, represent and share knowledge using graphical and formal computer-aided methods, then check out my Udemy course on Practical Knowledge Modelling.

What to expect from the course…

  • Over 63 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Become better at approaching the organization of information and knowledge in such a way that it makes sense to users
  • Apply a methodology for developing seamless knowledge models and use that understanding across any subject matter
  • Learn methods for gathering and analysing information
  • Gain awareness of the inner workings of knowledge models (ontologies)
  • Learn graphical methods for capturing and representing knowledge
  • Learn about semantics and the Web Ontology Language (OWL)
  • Learn how to use Protégé ontology editor
  • Grab free resources to take with you and explore in your own time


The target audience…

  • People with an interest in knowledge sharing
  • People with a willingness to learn formal methods for capturing knowledge
    Individuals who operate in areas like information and knowledge management, business analysis, enterprise architecture, information systems, etc.
  • Professionals who work with databases, information structures and similar technologies
  • People interested in exploring alternative methods to apply in learning and development
  • The course does not cover advanced ontology engineering, ontology theory and mathematical logic


Practical Knowledge Modelling

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