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Not so long ago, in my post about “tailoring learning through ontological thinking”, I elaborated on how the application of ontology principles in the design of learning interventions can provide a unique and enriching learning experience. I’ve, finally, been able to put the whole idea of “ontological thinking” into actual practice, by designing a new course about buying and merchandising in retail.

If you are interested in learning how the complex field of buying and merchandising in retail works, but without the whole complexity thing getting in the way, then check out my Udemy course on Fast Track Retail Buying and Merchandising. The course has been crafted using “ontological thinking” and provides a unique way of explaining the subject matter, by viewing it from various perspectives that explain how different but intrinsically related groups of concepts work together under one whole umbrella. So, here’s some quick facts about the course:

What to expect from the course…

  • Over 46 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
  • Understand how the field of buying and merchandising works
  • Obtain an all-round picture of the topic from a practical perspective
  • Understand concepts, jargon and acronyms
  • Decide whether you want to pursue a career in buying and merchandising
  • Build a solid foundation for more in-depth courses in the subject matter
  • Understand basic metrics and how to set up spreadsheets for analysing data


The target audience…

  • Anyone who is new to the area of buying and merchandising
  • Students and professionals with an interest in buying and merchandising
  • Jobseekers preparing their next interview for a related role
  • This course does not cover advanced principles and also does not deal with in-depth Excel for retail


Fast Track Retail Buying and Merchandising

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