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Ontology competency questions

Introduction A handful of existing ontology development methodologies identify “competency questions” as a means of scoping a knowledge model. This post discusses how you can define these questions at the start of your ontology projects for scope-setting purposes, to later use their basis during the assessment phase of your ontologies. What competency questions are... Competency questions are user-oriented interrogatives that allow you to scope your ontology. In other words, they are questions that your users would want to gain answers for, through ... Read more

Tailoring learning through ontological thinking

There is no single way of going about tailoring and designing content (e.g. training material, teaching books, lecture teaching content, etc.) for learning and development purposes. It all boils down to what you want to give to your audience and how you go about doing that. If you are a teacher or instructor, there’s a strong likelihood that the composition of your learning content will have a somewhat subjective dimension to it – and this is totally fine, because at the ... Read more

Integrated ontology development metholodology

Introduction In this post we'll discuss a diagram which captures a methodology for ontology development as an integrated approach. The diagram provides a high level view of how to conduct ontology development with maximum coverage and places the core idea of requirements management at the heart of it. The diagram draws from several strands of widely adopted methodologies as well as observation patterns made over several works in the area of applied ontology. It is to be noted that the diagram ... Read more

Planning for document browsing schemes

Introduction Browsing for documents when you don’t know what you are exactly looking for can be a non-trivial task. Very often, systems such as Content Management Systems offer relatively limited ways of browsing for documents and narrowing down the results of a search by using document metadata. Of course, one could argue that providing a large spectrum of metadata should resolve the browsing problem because greater coverage would be obtained for what people are looking for. Unfortunately, this is not the ... Read more