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Ontology mapping in a nutshell

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Ontology driven business analysis tool

Introduction Knowledge modelling has the potential of being extremely useful in the area of business analysis. Through ontology-based techniques it becomes possible to solve several ongoing issues faced by existing tools and methods in use. In this article, we're going to look at a novel approach for improving business analysis information and knowledge capture, through a multi-perspective ontology-based system. We’ll focus mainly on the idea without going into implementation-specific matters. Current tools and methods The role of the business analyst involves all ... Read more

OWL formalization of the Zachman Framework

'The Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture' (a.k.a. 'The Enterprise Ontology') defines an arrangement of concepts for describing an enterprise. The framework is, for example, used as reference in business analysis practices to capture the various perspectives required for enterprise modelling. Although known as 'The Enterprise Ontology', some people argue that the Zachman Framework is not an ontology as such. We’re not going to get into this debate here and prefer to look at it as being a 'lightweight' ontology, i.e., a ... Read more

Building blocks of an ontology-driven system

There is an enormous amount of literature out there that investigates and documents ontology-related work. The literature remains very technical, highly specialised and somewhat overwhelming. This means that it is not easy for non-experts to understand what is actually required at a high level when contemplating a functional ontology-driven system. In this post, we’ll be looking at the building blocks that feed into the ‘minimum’ ontology-driven system from which benefits can be gained. The diagram in this post summarizes these essential building ... Read more