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Rapid prototyping ontologies

Introduction Adopting an ontology development methodology for constructing ontologies and making sure that they have gone through the necessary review cycles is very important, especially in the world of academia and in industries that follow rigorous policies around the development of ontologies. One such methodology is highlighted in a previous blog post and identifies a series of steps to follow for successful ontology building. However, there are instances where the use of similar methodologies would introduce excessive development lead time, making ontology ... Read more

Ontologies for business analysis

If you are interested in learning how applied ontology works for Business Analysis then check out my Udemy course on Ontologies for Business Analysis.     Read more

Become a knowledge architect

If you are looking for learning new skills to help you capture, represent and share knowledge using graphical and formal computer-aided methods, then check out my Udemy course on Practical Knowledge Modelling. What to expect from the course... Over 63 lectures and 3.5 hours of content! Become better at approaching the organization of information and knowledge in such a way that it makes sense to users Apply a methodology for developing seamless knowledge models and use that understanding across any subject matter Learn methods for gathering ... Read more

Core skills for the knowledge engineer

Introduction In this post we'll discuss some of the essential skills necessary for an individual to thrive in the role of knowledge engineer. Note that we'll be using the terms knowledge engineer, knowledge architect and ontologist interchangeably for simplicity. We are assuming that these roles all require expertise in developing technical ontologies using formal knowledge representation languages like the Web Ontology Language (OWL). Technical know-how The knowledge engineer should have technical know-how and full user-level understanding of computer-based ontology development tools. Very ... Read more